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Egyptian Opulence 600gsm

Ręczniki wykonane z najnowszego rodzaju bawełny Egipskiej Giza 95. Dzięki zastosowaniu tej przędzy ręczniki są bardzo miękkie, puszyste, lśniące i wyjątkowo chłonne. Dodatkowo wzmocniliśmy krawędzie ręcznika podwójnym szwem, aby ręczniki były bardzo wytrzymałe na ewentualne uszkodzenia.

Często nasi klienci pytają mnie, która z kolekcji ręczników moim zdaniem jest najlepsza, teraz już nie będę miał problemu z odpowiedzią, to jest właśnie ten ręcznik. Ręczniki Egyptian Opulence 600gsm są oznaczone certyfikatem Accredited Gold Seal #1322, oraz są uszyte w nowych większych rozmiarach.

Pattern Opulence
Egyptian Opulence 1

Egyptian Epitome 700gsm

Epitome Royal Blue kolor
Epitome Royal Blue

The world is moving forward and our brand is never left behind. That is why we are constantly improving our products so that you receive what is best in the world. The Egyptian Epitome is one of the three hits of the latest Nefretete’s collection. The towel looks beautiful with its elegant gloss due to densely woven Egyptian cotton. You just cannot pass by this towel. Thanks to a wide range of colours, everyone will find something for themselves.

Nefretete Premium towels immediately became a best-seller and still remain unchanged.

Alpaca Warmth 550gsm

Alpaca wool is considered to be one of the most luxurious wool in the world. And Egyptian cotton is considered to be one of the most luxurious kinds of yarn in the world. The result of their combination has caused the most elegant towels ever made.

Their fluffiness, softness, lightness and the highest water absorbency will make you look forward to the next bath. The weaving technology of these towels is so expensive that for now the highest weaving density available in production is 550 gsm. See by yourself what Alpaca Warmth is!

Alpaca Dusty Pink kolor
Alpaca Dusty Pink

Supreme 800gsm

Supreme Jade

The Supreme towel was designed at our customers’ request who had a unique opportunity to get to know the highest quality towels in American hotels and health spa. It might be surprised that in the USA the towel’s surface density reaches up to 900 gsm!

To meet our customers’ need, 800 gsm Supreme towels were launched and have gained in popularity. Supreme towels absorb water phenomenally and their look pleases the eye even after a long and sustained usage. It must be remembered that such a thick towel should be hang out in a proper way so it can dry quickly.


Supima cotton is the best and the most expensive cotton grown in South America. Supima accounts for less than 1% of the world’s cotton production. The fibers of this royal yarn are marked by exceptional length and resilience. For comparison, regular cotton fibers are 1 inch long while Supima cotton fibers are 1.5 inches long!!! All the happy owners of Nefretete Baratta 600tc bedding have already seen how unique material is obtained from the Supima weaving. And now we offer you Pimacott towels in a high surface density of 700gsm. Pimacott towels are incredibly soft with elegant shine and fantastic absorbency. The towels are available in 4 sizes and 10 elegant colours which will satisfy even the most demanding customers.

pimacott_xl_srebrny_fabric1 (Średni)
pimacott_xl_srebrny (Średni)

Llama Soft 600gsm

Llama bzowy wa
Llama bezowy

Llama is a gregarious animal living in high mountain regions. But sometimes it goes down to the lowlands to turn up in your own bathroom 🙂 Nowadays we are living in crazy times and evolution caused that it turned into … a dressing gown there. But what a dressing gown it is! It’s so fluffy, soft and extremely absorbent, in a way that if you put it on, you do not want to get dressed anymore. We know it will be tough but we advice not to put it on to work. There is a fear that someone will also want your Llama Soft dressing gown and then the only thing which can save the day is your pyjamas … if you use it of course.

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