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About Nefretete World

Nefretete is a project that was born some time ago. We grew into it slowly, spending long hours talking about … life. We have known each other for ages, we spend a lot of time together in the strangest circumstances, we share one hobby. 

In many respects we are different, although we have a lot in common, essentially it might seem we are the same. We have lots of passions which allow us to spend time with others, but there are also some which enable us to isolate from the outside world.


There are things we need to mature over the years, other are instilled into us. Let’s say we have them in our blood. Man is a creature who likes comfort. The discomfort feels us with disgust and subconsciously we pursue luxury. We are wary of not making the same mistakes so as not to waste our time or unnecessary costs. Of course, we sometimes make compromises. We agree to pay less being aware that something might not suit us. 

And it is really not only about material issues but also our spare time devotion. For us Nefretete is not only a way of doing a business but it is largely a mission that we fully share.

And what connects us is love for … quality. We do not like trash and we do not focus on half measures. We try not to take shortcuts. We act and concentrate all our effort on achieving a specific goal. We do not want to go downmarket, because we know that sometimes making savings will have cosequences of paying for something twice or even three times. And of course, we do not claim that something cheep cannot be good. It happens, but then we have to be aware of the need to make compromises. However, in the course of time we realise that those compromises are only an illusion and their results have a boomerang effect.

Justyna Rejniak

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